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Farid M Khattab

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Weight Loss using Energy Balance Method

The easiest way to lose weight is by just utilizing your subconscious.
With our products and your permission the products instruct your subconscious to:

  • Eat the healthy food you need
  • Eat at the right time
  • Eat the right quantity
  • Eat different foods in one meal with the proper sequence
The products are made with energy transfer
First you must set the desired weight you want
Eat the healthy food you need, means eating the types of food that is healthy and helps you achieve your desried weight
Eat at the right time, means that the time you eat is important, and your subconscious knows the right time, your conscious mind doesn't know or else you wouldn't have gained the excess weight.
Eat the right quantity, means that quantity is inportant for reaching your goal and again your subconscious knows that amount
Eat different foods in one meal with the proper sequence, every food we ingest starts a chemical reaction within the body, that is why the proper sequence helps in reaching your desired weight
Color Balance, we all need a balance of the seven colors, those colors are the basic colours and they are the rainbow colors, ROYGBIV, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. The complete set for energy balance weight loss includes a product to balance colors within your body.
You can choose from that list, and the product will consist of 9 pieces and 8 pieces of each single unit of your choice.
Keep in mind that to see results it takes about 6 months or more depending on the start weight and the desired weight, the method is to allow you to gain a healthy eating system for life not just losing weight.
Cost of this service is U$650, methods of payment
Send me an email with your name and address and contact telephone number and the present weight and the desired weight you want.
Once payment is received and the email received I will make the product and ship it to you using courier service.
The products are made specifically for each individual accordind to your electromagnetic field.
Many people have lost weight using this method and reached their desired weight, the key is using your subconscious mind using our products.
The weight loss product is made up of 9 pieces
8 items of one stones or perals
1 item the energy photo for weight loss 
free shipping