Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer

Energy Balance Healing for Homes and Businesses

Everything has an electromagnetic field - emf -, the magnetic field we all know is the one coming from the moon causing the tide, however the emf's come from everywhere from the sky with other planets and galaxies and from below the surface of the earth like from mines and waterways and underground water and a lot more.
Those fields affect us, and affect the space we are in, if all the fields coming their total is negative we will be affected in a negative way and we are affected in different ways, we could just feel tired or become sick.
If the total field are positive we are affected in a positive way.
Our products help eliminate those negative fields in the place they are placed in thus restoring the electromagnetic field of the room or office or factory or whatever the space is to its normal state and people within that space become in a better mood with no negativity, hence increases productivity.
Lack of communication between family memebers or co-workers is because of negative effects from something affecting the space, our products eliminate the negative effects thus restoring harmony in relations between people.
Many husband and wife lack of communication issues have been resolved using our products
The same also applies for lack of communication between parents and children, our products restores harmony.
Issues arise when space is not balanced, sickness, animosity, lack of communication and a lot more could be cured by energy balancing the space.
used by teachers to balance the classroom
used by managers to balance meeting room
used lawyers to balance the courtroom
used by parents to balance the kids room
used by ceo's to balance board meetings
used by buyers to balance the room where contracts are signed, to avoid trickery
........ the list goes on and on ..............