Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer

Custom Painting

if you like my style of oil painting and would like to request custom painting, send an email with your request.
for example you will notice that some painting's page start as below, for privacy I only mention the first name and inital of the last name.
Types of custom painting 

On canvas, please specify the dimensions of width and height required.

On walls or ceilings or other surfaces, please specify with an email request with your required dimensions and surface and location full address and mention all information you deem important for me to know to provide you with a quotation.

Or simply request that I paint a painting for you and it will be started like the attached image on the right, with no obligation to buy, if you love art just request then once done I will upload and notify you with an email to the link of the painting's page. Just express your request and provide me your first name and inital of your last name.

and any other type not mentioned above. 
I love art and painting and enjoy it, I prepare the canvas myself and sometimes I do mixed media meaning paint with colors I prepare myself from concentrates or powders like this painting Power 2 Paintings
Painting is a world in itself, if you share my passion enjoy the site.
farid m khattab
artist painter healer