Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer

How to purchase

There are several methods 
Method 1 is using credit card or paypal and please specify the reference number of the painting and U$ amount 
then send me an email with your choice of products
Method 2 is visiting me in Cairo Egypt to view the Paintings and choose the paintings of your choice. 
All our prices include free shipping and shipped by courier services to your desired destination
Please send an email specifying your wish to visit including your telephone/mobile/cell number to receive more details and time availability.
Method 3 is using western union services to send the money to me Farid Mohamed Khattab in Cairo Egypt.

After you transfer the money I require the following to be able to receive the funds

the transfer number
the sender name
the currency
the country sent from

After I receive the funds I prepare the products for you and ship them to you free of charge by courier service to the address of your choice.

I will require the address you want your products to be delivered at and a telephone number for the courier to call you to confirm time of delivery.

Please provide the requested information by email
Method 4
is personal delivery by me to your place of choice where feasable, the cost of this service is U$10,000 - ten thousand US dollars - to be paid in advance by method 3 above. email
Thank you for your business and appreciation