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Farid M Khattab

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Energy Balance Healing

What is Energy Balance

It is balancing the energy of people, places, animals, birds, and space.

Everything has an electromagnetic field - emf -, and fixing any imbalances restores the emf to its best state for proper functioning. This is what energy balance does.

A cell contains an electron which is a negative charge and a proton which is a positive charge, hence an electric field is produced followed by a magnetic field with a resultant field called the electromagnetic field - emf - 
Humans are made up of cells, certain types of cells make up the organs and the organs make up the body. This applies to humans, animals, birds and all that is alive.

The same applies to what is called solids and space as there are molecules containing electrons and protons thus having an electromagnetic field. 

How is energy balance done, it is done through the use of the mind and sending energy to the recipients to restore the emf balance. Hence energy balance is based on using the mind. This method can learned through our course.

Energy balance healing can be performed remotely wherever you are.

Sickness and disease are caused by imbalances of the emf and that hinders the function of the Self healing energy already within us, all diseases start by an imbalance of the emf, and performing energy balance restores the emf thus allowing the self healing energy to function 100% and get rid of the disease, thus removing whatever caused the disease, and healing is done effectively.

Many diseases have been successfully treated with energy balance healing, for example cancer, headaches, back problems, and a lot more.

Diabetes for example, here the level of blood sugar becomes adequate and maybe diabetes is not cured but regulated to being better and avoiding all the side effects and all the long term effects of diabetes. This is a success in itself.

Houses and living space need to be energy balanced, for example whenever there is lack of communication between family members and fighting, and animosity, once the emf of the space is restored by energy balance, relationships become better with better communication and understanding.

The same applies to work environment, hence increasing productivity of all those in the business place, office or factory or farms or stables the same method brings a lot of benefits.

House plants grow better and healthier with energy balance. Pets can also be treated with energy balance.
I have treated horses and dogs and cats and birds with energy balance healing, so all animals could also be healed.

I will be placing some free healing examples, please check the menu above for what is available for free.

For healing to work you must allow the energy to reach you from your heart.

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