Energy Oil Paintings

Farid M Khattab

artist painter healer

Energy Photos

I have developed Energy Photos more than15 years ago and is used successfully by many.

It is based on energy transfer and energy balance healing methods.

Everything and I mean literally everything has a unique frequency and unique resonance, and it is those properties that are transferred to whatever medium.

I chose photos the size of a passport picture because they are easy to carry and easy to handle.

The design on the photos is made by me and then I add the required energy to those photos.

There are so many applications to energy photos, for example it is used in:
How they are used, by just looking at the energy photo for about 5 to 10 seconds or just keeping it around, for babies and children it is easier to keep on the wall where they sleep.
Energy photos can be made for any condition or energy you wish, send me an email with what you want and I will reply to your inquiry.
more on energy photos for diseases and lab tests